Logotipo Gamper Exportaciones S.L.
Pgno Ind La Catalana, C/ Portugal 1 18360 Huetor Tájar Granada España
PHONE: (0034) 958 334 069 E-MAIL: info@gamperexport.com


Gamper Exportaciones S.L is a company founded in 1998 by Emilio Pérez Lara and José Antonio Gámiz Gámiz, located in Polg. Ind. La Catalana in Huetor Tájar (Granada). The main aim of our company is to provide services and to carry out all the necessary managment plans in order to improve economically and technically the agricultural explotations and then process, package and market the best products of our land.


Exports Gamper S.L. It is a well-established company, specializing in the production of green asparagus from Huetor Tajar and other products such as garlic and onions.

Thanks to the quality we offer in all our products have a loyal customer base we serve both nationally and internationally, with exports of asparagus a very important part of our sales.

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